11.1 Prohibited Uses. The Property is being developed as a residential development for Residences. No Lot shall be used except for residential purposes; provided, however, that upon written request by an Owner, the Board may allow an Owner to conduct an "in-home business", provided that all business activities are carried on within the Residence and that there are no employees, clients, customers, tradesmen, student, suppliers, or others that come to the Residence in connection with such business. Notwithstanding the foregoing, to the extent required under RCW 64.38.060, operation of an "adult family home" on a Lot shall not be prohibited. No building shall be erected, altered, placed or permitted on the Lots other than Residences, which shall be designed in accordance with the standards set forth in ARTICLE 10, and which shall not unreasonably interfere with any other Owner's right to enjoy his Lot. The following operations and uses shall not be permitted on any portion of the Property:
(a) Single Family Residence. Only one (1) single-family residence ("Residence") may be constructed or permitted to remain on a Lot.
(b) Nuisance. No noxious or offensive activity shall be carried on upon any Lot or Common Area, nor shall anything be done thereon which may be or may become an annoyance or nuisance to the Community.
(c) Other Items. No structure of a temporary character, trailer, recreational vehicle, boat, boat trailer, panel truck, bus, camper or camping trailer, tent, shed, shack, basement of any incomplete building, barn or other outbuilding shall be either used or located on any Lot, or on any Street, at any time or used as a residence either temporarily or permanently. No prefabricated buildings or structures of any nature, specifically including mobile homes, shall be moved, placed, constructed or otherwise located on any Lot for any period of time unless approved by the Committee. Temporary buildings or structures allowed during construction shall be removed immediately after construction or upon request of the Committee, whichever occurs first. Notwithstanding the foregoing, Declarant may place construction and sales trailers on any Lot which Declarant owns. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a trailer, boat, RV, camper, shed or other outbuilding may be located on a Lot if screened or located such that it is not visible from the street and approved in advance by the Committee, which approval shall be in the sole discretion of the Committee.
(d) Animals. No animals, livestock or poultry of any kind shall be raised, bred or kept on any Lot except dogs, cats, or other household pets; provided that they are not kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes; provided further that no more than two (2) dogs or two (2) cats shall be allowed per Lot. Dogs shall be restrained to the Owner's Lot and shall not be allowed to run at large. All animals must be kept as domestic, indoor pets. Leashed animals are permitted within rights-of-way when accompanied by their Owners. Owners shall be responsible for cleaning up any and all of their animals' waste on the Property, including on the respective Owner's Lot. If an Owner fails to clean up their animals' waste, the Association may, but shall not be obligated to, take such action as may be necessary to clean up the animals' waste and shall have the right of entry for such purposes. Any costs incurred by the Association in connection with such action shall be deemed to be a Special Assessment of the Owner whose animal(s) created the waste. No animal shall be allowed to make an unreasonable amount of noise or become a nuisance as determined by the Board, at its sole discretion. After notice and an opportunity to be heard, the Board shall have the right to require the removal of any animal from the Lot which it finds in its sole discretion to violate this subsection (d).
(e) Parking. No vehicles shall be permitted to park on the Streets within the Property for a period exceeding twenty-four (24) hours without the prior written permission of the Association. No vehicle may be parked on any Lot, except on designated and approved driveways or parking areas, which areas shall be hard-surfaced. Any additional parking added after the initial landscaping shall be hard surfaces and constructed only in accordance with a site plan approved by the Committee. Only the cars of guests and visitors may be parked on the Streets. All other vehicles shall be parked in garages or on driveways located entirely on a Lot. No vehicle may be parked on a Street if it interferes with or impedes the flow of traffic and use of the Street by others.
(f) Construction. No dirt, debris, or other materials shall be allowed to come off of any Lot onto any Streets, Common Areas, other Lots, or other parts of the Property as a result of any construction or other activities. All Buildings shall be of new construction. No previously used houses or other Buildings shall be moved onto a Lot. The Lot shall be kept clean and clear of debris during construction. No house may be constructed on any Lot by other than a contractor licensed as a general contractor under the statutes of the State of Washington without the prior approval of the Committee.
(g) Fences. Fences must comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Fences may be erected on property lines, except that (a) no fence shall be erected between the front of the house and the street. Nothing in this ARTICLE 11 or Section 11.1(g) shall prevent the erection of a necessary retaining wall. No fence, wall, hedge or mass planting shall at any time extend higher than six feet (6') above the ground, except for necessary retaining walls or rockeries which conform to the King County Building Codes. Fences shall conform to the specifications set forth on Exhibit B and incorporated herein by this reference, unless otherwise approved in writing by the Committee. No wire fences shall be used unless approved by the Committee.
(h) Lighting. All area lighting shall be designed and positioned to ensure that the light source is not visible from any other house in the development. Decorative holiday lighting shall be removed no later than thirty (30) days after the date of the holiday.
(i) Yard Art. No yard pieces or yard art, including but not limited to sculptures, statues, and other freestanding or attached works, whether for decoration or otherwise, more than twelve inches (12") tall or twelve inches (12") wide shall be permitted outside of the Residences and within view from the Street without prior written approval of the Committee.
11.2 Condition of Property. Each Owner, at its own expense and at all times, shall keep such Owner's Lot, including the Improvements and appurtenances thereon, in a safe, clean and wholesome condition and shall comply in all respects with applicable governmental, health, fire and safety ordinances, regulations, requirements and directives. The Owner shall at regular and frequent intervals remove at its own expense any rubbish of any character whatsoever that may accumulate upon such Lot. No Improvement upon any Lot shall be permitted to fall into disrepair, and each such Improvement shall at all times be kept in good condition and repair and adequately painted or otherwise finished.
11.3 Nuisances; Hazardous Activities. No odors or loud noises shall be permitted to arise or emit from any Lot or Common Areas so as to render any such property or portion thereof, or activity thereon, unsanitary, offensive or detrimental to any other property in the vicinity thereof or to the Occupants of such property. No other nuisance or unsafe or hazardous activity shall be permitted to exist or operate upon any Lot so as to be offensive or detrimental to any other Lot or to its Owner or Occupants. No firearms shall be discharged within the Property and no explosives of any kind shall be discharged or stored upon any of the Lots or permitted within the Property. No open fires shall be lighted or permitted on the Lots, except in a contained outdoor fireplace or barbeque pit while attended and in full compliance with local laws and ordinances.
11.4 Unsightly Conditions. No Owner shall permit any unsightly condition to exist on his/her Lot. Unsightly conditions shall include, without limitation, litter, trash, junk or other debris; unrepaired vehicles, boats, boat trailers or other trailers; inappropriate, broken, damaged or ugly furniture or plants; non-decorative gear, equipment, cans, bottles, ladders, trash barrels and other such items; and air conditioning units or other projections placed on the exterior walls of any Building. The Committee, in its sole discretion, may grant a written waiver of this Section, upon written application by an Owner as provided in this Declaration and may require Owner to remove, screen or take other action to remedy conditions deemed unsightly.
11.5 Storage. No storage under decks or overhangs or anywhere else on any Lot which is visible from any point outside the Lot shall be permitted.
11.6 Machinery and Equipment. No machinery or equipment of any kind shall be placed, operated or maintained upon or adjacent to any Lot except such machinery or equipment as is usual and customary in connection with the construction (during residential construction only) of an Improvement, appurtenant structure or improvement on a Lot, and machinery and equipment customarily used in the maintenance of landscaping.
11.7 Signs. No Sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any Lot without the prior written approval of the Board, except (a) customary name and address signs, (b) "For Sale" or "For Rent" signs of no more than six (6) square feet in size advertising the Lot for sale or rent, which signs must be removed promptly after sale or lease of the residence, (c) signs required by legal proceedings (and then the sign shall be no larger than eighteen inches (18") by twenty-four inches (24"), unless mandated by statute or court order), (d) temporary signs for political advertising, garage sales, etc. (and then the sign shall be no larger than four (4) square feet and shall be in place no longer than sixty (60) days), (e) promotional sales signs of the Declarant and/or its agents, and (f) permanent monuments (entry signage) and Common Areas identification signs.
11.8 Grounds; Maintenance of Grounds. The entire front landscaping for each Lot with a Residence thereon shall be installed prior to occupancy in accordance with the Plan submitted to the Committee. The entire landscaping, including the remaining portions of the side and rear yard, shall be installed within six (6) months of the Close of Escrow for the first conveyance. Each Owner shall be responsible for removing the PVC pipe containing the cable connection wires located on their Lot and either burying the cable wires or installing a landscape box and landscaping to screen the cable connection wires and box. Each Owner shall be responsible for the maintenance and repair of all parking areas, driveways, walkways, and landscaping on his Lot as well as maintenance of the landscape strip and street trees adjacent to his Lot. Nothing contained herein shall preclude an Owner from recovering from any person liable therefore damages to which such Owner might be entitled for any act or omission to act requiring an expenditure by the Owner for the maintenance and repair of the parking area, driveway, walkway, and/or landscaping on Owner's Lot. Such maintenance and repair shall include, without limitation:
(a) Parking and Other Areas. Maintenance of all parking areas, driveways and walkways in a clean and safe condition, including paving and repairing or resurfacing of such areas when necessary with the type of material originally installed thereon or such substitute therefore as shall, in all respects, be equal in quality, appearance and durability; the removal of debris and waste material and the washing and sweeping of paved areas as required.
(b) Lighting.  Cleaning, maintaining and relamping of any external lighting fixtures, except such fixture as may be the property of any public utility or government body.
(c) Landscaping. Landscaping shall emphasize plantings and other features which compliment and enhance the existing character of Alicia Glenn. Maintenance of all landscaping, including the trimming, watering and fertilization of all grass, ground cover, shrubs or trees, removal of dead or waste materials, and replacement of any dead or diseased grass, ground cover, shrubs or trees.
(d) Drainage. Maintenance of all storm water drainage systems, yard drains, and catch basins in their originally designed condition, and in accordance with any governmental requirements. Further, no Owner shall take any action which would interfere with surface water drainage across his Lot either through natural drainage or by drainage easements. The topographic conditions of any Lot shall not be altered in any way that would adversely affect or obstruct the approved and constructed storm drain system and surface flows without the written consent of the Committee.
(e) Hillsides and Other. Maintenance of all hillsides, slopes and swales in their as designed and completed condition, and which shall not be changed or interfered with without the prior written consent of the Board.
11.9 Remedies for Failure to Maintain and Repair.
(a) Remedies. If any Owner shall fail to perform the maintenance and repair required by this Declaration, then the Board after fifteen (15) days' prior written notice to such delinquent Owner, shall have the right, but not the obligation, to perform such maintenance and repair and to charge the delinquent Owner and his Lot with a Special Assessment for the cost of such work together with interest thereon at a rate to be set by the Board from the date of the Association's advancement of funds for such work to the date of reimbursement of the Association by Owner. If the delinquent Owner fails to reimburse the Association for such costs within ten (10) days after demand therefore, the Association may, at any time after such advance, record a claim of lien (which shall be an Association Lien) signed by an authorized agent of the Association for the amount of such charge together with interest thereon and enforce the Association Lien in accordance with the provisions of this Declaration.
(b) Nonexclusive Remedy. The foregoing Association Lien and the rights to foreclose thereunder shall be in addition to all other rights and remedies which the Board may have hereunder or in equity or at law, including any suit to recover a money judgment for unpaid Assessments. If any Owner fails to perform such maintenance and repair and, notwithstanding such failure, the Board should fail to exercise its rights and remedies hereunder, then any other Owner, after fifteen (15) days' prior written notice to the Board and such delinquent Owner, shall have the right, but not the obligation, to perform such maintenance and repair and shall have the same rights and remedies with respect thereto as are provided herein to the Board, including the right to Record and enforce a lien in the same manner as the Association.
11.10 Refuse; Storage Areas. No refuse, garbage, rubbish, cuttings or debris of any kind shall be left or deposited upon any Lot unless placed in an attractive container. All outdoor refuse storage areas on each Lot shall be visually screened so as not to be visible from neighboring Lots, Streets, or other Common Areas.
11.11 Utility Lines and Facilities and Satellite Dishes. No facilities, antennae, equipment, wires or other devices for the communication or transmission of signals, power, electrical current, or any other electronic transmission, including without limitation telephone, television, microwave or radio signals, shall be constructed, placed or maintained anywhere in or upon any portion of a Lot, other than within buildings or enclosed structures unless the same shall be contained in conduits or cables constructed, placed or maintained underground or concealed in or under buildings or other enclosed structures; provided, however, that satellite dishes not exceeding twenty-four inches (24") in diameter may be allowed on buildings with the prior written approval of the Committee, and provided, further, that any approved satellite dish is placed on the building so as to meet the following standards: (a) the satellite dish is placed in the most discreet location practical as determined by the Committee; (b) the satellite dish is screened from view from adjacent Lots to the extent feasible; and (c) the satellite dish is not visible from the Street in front of the Owner's Lot to the extent possible. Nothing contained herein shall be deemed to forbid the erection or use of temporary power or telephone facilities incidental to the construction or repair of buildings on a Lot. If the provisions of this Section conflict with the provisions of 47 CFR Section 1.4000 or other applicable Federal, state or local law, ordinance or rule, the terms of such law, ordinance or rule shall prevail, but the conditions and limitations set forth in this Section shall be enforced o the maximum extent permitted by law.
11.12 Mechanical Equipment; Vehicles. All mechanical equipment, utility meters, storage tanks, air conditioning equipment and similar items shall be screened with landscaping or attractive architectural features integrated into the structure itself, as approved by the Committee. No unlicensed motor vehicles, such as motorcycles; dirt bikes, scooters, and ATV's, shall be permitted to operate on any Street or Lot. No major automotive repairs shall be permitted except for within enclosed garages which are kept closed. The only repairs permitted are occasional casual repairs and maintenance activities such as oil changes.
11.13 Mineral Exploration. No portion of the Property shall be used in any manner to explore for or to remove any steam, heat, oil or other hydrocarbons, gravel, earth, or any earth substances or other minerals of any kind. No excavation or fill shall be made nor shall any dirt be removed from any Lot; provided, however, that this shall not prevent the excavation of the earth in connection with the grading or construction of Improvements within a Lot. Water may be extracted to the extent permitted by all applicable governmental agencies.
11.14 Occupants. Any Owner may delegate to any Occupant the right to enjoy the Owner's Lot. All Owners shall be responsible for informing any Occupants of the contents of this Declaration and the rules regarding the use of such Lot, and shall be responsible for requiring its Occupants to comply with this ARTICLE 11.