10.1 Approval of Plans Required. 
(a) Plan Submission and Approval. No Improvements shall be erected, placed, altered, maintained or permitted to remain on any Lot by any Owner until final plans and specifications ("Plans") shall have been submitted to and approved by the Committee. Such Plans shall be submitted by the authorized agent, by the builder of such Improvements, or by the Lot Owner. The following information shall be a part of such Plans submitted to the Committee: (a) the location of the proposed structure upon the Lot, (b) the elevation of the structure with reference to the existing and finished Lot grades, (c) the general design, (d) the interior layout, (e) the exterior finish materials and color, including roof materials, (0 the landscape and exterior lighting plan and (g) any other information required to determine whether the structure conforms with Community standards.
(b) Contents of Plans. The Plans shall be of such form and content as may be required by the Committee, but shall in any event include the following: description and sketches of the architectural design concept, including intended character and materials. The design concept, including the size, shape, and character of Improvements, shall be consistent with the Community. In addition, materials in all residential buildings shall be of equal or better quality than those of the other residential buildings in the Community.
(c) Requirements. Where applicable, the Plans shall contain no less detail than required by the appropriate governmental authority for the issuance of a building permit. Each Lot must have a private enclosed car shelter for not less than two (2) cars. No Residences shall be altered to provide residence for more than one (1) family per Lot. All roofs must be finished with a minimum thirty (30) year composition material, the color of which shall be approved by the Committee. The exterior finishes on the front of any structures, as well as any paints or stains applied thereto, shall be approved by the Committee. All Residences and other Improvements shall be constructed of new materials, with the exception of "decor" items, such as weathered brick, approved in advance by the Committee in its sole discretion. Fencing, if any, shall be in conformance with the Fence Requirements, a copy of which is attached hereto as Exhibit B unless otherwise approved in writing by the Committee, and fences shall be erected so as to not interfere with or obstruct any easements established in this Declaration or on the Plat, unless such interference or obstruction is expressly approved in writing by all beneficiaries of the applicable easement. Front yards of a Lot shall be landscaped in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and the standards established by the Committee. No structure shall be located on any Lot nearer to the front Lot line or nearer to any side street than the minimum building setback lines adopted by local governmental authorities. Material changes in approved Plans must be similarly submitted to and approved by the Committee.
10.2 Basis for Approval. Approval shall be based upon the conditions of approval for the Plat and the restrictions set forth in this Declaration. The Committee shall not arbitrarily or unreasonably withhold its approval of any Plans so long as they are in compliance with the Plat and the restrictions set forth in this Declaration. The Committee shall have the right to disapprove any Plans submitted hereunder on any reasonable grounds including, but not limited to, any one or more of the following:
(a) Restrictions. Failure to comply with any of the restrictions set forth in this Declaration.
(b) Information. Failure to include information in such Plans as may have been reasonably requested by the Committee.
(c) Code Compliance. Failure to comply with any state or local building codes or rules and regulations for the installation of electric wires and equipment.
(d) Guidelines. Failure to comply with any design guidelines adopted by the Board.
(e) Incompatibility. Objection on the grounds of incompatibility of any proposed structure or use with existing structures or the surrounding natural environment.
(f) Landscaping. Objection to the grading or landscaping plan for any Lot.
(g) Design. Objection to the color scheme, finish, proportions, style or architecture, height, bulk or appropriateness of any Improvement.
(h) Parking. Objection to the number or size of parking spaces, or to the design of any parking area.
(i) Other. Any other matter which, in the judgment of the Committee, would render the proposed Improvements or use inharmonious with the general plan for improvement of the Property or with Improvements located upon other Lots or other Property in the Community.
10.3 Result of Inaction. If the Committee fails to take action (approve, disapprove, comment, request changes, and/or conditionally approve) with respect to Plans submitted to it within sixty (60) days after the same have been submitted, it shall be conclusively presumed that the Committee has approved said Plans; provided, however, that if within the sixty (60) day period the Committee gives written notice of the fact that more time is required for the review of such Plans, there shall be no presumption that the Plans are approved until the expiration of such reasonable period of time as is set forth in the notice.
10.4 Variances. The Committee shall have the authority in its sole discretion to approve Plans which do not conform to the restrictions described herein to (a) overcome practical difficulties, or (b) prevent undue hardship from being imposed on an Owner. However, such variation shall only be approved in the event that the variation will not (a) detrimentally impact the Community or its attractive development, or (b) adversely affect the character of nearby Lots. Granting such a waiver shall not constitute a waiver of the restrictions described herein.
10.5 Approval. The Committee may approve Plans as submitted, or as
altered or amended, or it may grant its approval to the same subject to specific conditions. Upon approval or conditional approval by the Committee of any Plans submitted, a copy of such Plans, bearing such approval together with any conditions, shall be returned to the applicant submitting the same. The Declarant shall have the right to waive the requirement that Plans be reviewed for any Improvements to be constructed by the Declarant.
10.6 Proceeding with Work. Upon receipt of approval of the Plans from the Committee, the Owner to whom approval is given shall, as soon as practicable, satisfy any and all conditions of such approval and shall diligently proceed with the commencement and completion of all approved excavation, construction, refinishing and alterations. In all cases, work shall commence within one (1) year from the date of approval, and if work is not so commenced, approval shall be deemed lapsed and revoked unless the Committee, pursuant to written request made and received prior to the expiration of said one (1) year period, extends the period of time within which work must be commenced,
10.7 Completion of Work. Any Improvement commenced pursuant hereto shall be completed within nine (9) months from the date on which the construction of said Improvement began (in accordance with Section 10.6 above), but such period shall be extended for the period that completion is rendered impossible or would impose an unreasonable hardship due to strike, fire, national emergency, natural disaster or other supervening force beyond the control of the Owner and/or its builder. The Committee may, upon written request made and received prior to the expiration of the nine (9) month period, extend the period of time within which work must be completed. Failure to comply with this Section 10.7 shall constitute a breach of the Declaration and subject the party in breach to the enforcement procedures set forth herein.
10.8 Committee and Declarant Not Liable. Neither the Committee nor the Declarant (nor any officer, director, member, shareholder, partner, employee, agent or representative of the Declarant) shall be liable for any damage, loss or prejudice suffered or claimed by any person on account of the approval, conditional approval, or disapproval of any Plans, whether or not in any way defective; the construction of any Improvements, or performance of any work, whether or not pursuant to approved Plans; or the development of any Lot within the Property.
10.9 Compliance with Codes/Environmental Laws. Ultimate responsibility for satisfying all state or local building codes or environmental laws shall rest with the Owner and his contractor. The Committee is not responsible for ensuring that Plans it reviews comply with state or local building codes. The Owner shall hold the Committee, its members, and the Declarant harmless from any claims based on (i) the failure of an Improvement constructed based on approved Plans to meet any applicable governmental requirements, (ii) any structural failure of an Improvement constructed based on approved Plans, or (iii) the failure of the Owner or his contractor, by construction undertaken in accordance with approved Plans, to comply with any environmental laws, including, but not limited to, those relating to hazardous waste or underground storage tanks.
10.10 Construction Without Approval. If any Improvement shall be altered, erected, placed or maintained upon any Lot, or any new use commenced upon any Lot, other than in accordance with the approval of the Committee pursuant to the provisions of the Declaration, such alteration, erection, placement, maintenance or use shall be deemed to have been undertaken in violation of this Declaration, and upon written notice from the Committee any such improvement so altered, erected, placed, maintained or used upon any Lot in violation of this Declaration shall be removed or altered, and/or such use shall have ceased, so as to conform to this Declaration. Should such removal or alteration not be accomplished within thirty (30) days after receipt of such notice, then the party in breach of this Declaration shall be subject to the enforcement procedures set forth in this Declaration, including those set forth in Section 19.1 below.